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Brazil is a tourist market of growing importance for Costa Rica •

Brazil is a tourist market of growing importance for Costa Rica •

18 November, 2013 6:32 am Comments

The presence of Costa Rica in international fairs around the world has allowed her to be promoted as a tourist destination and investment.

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), published last September, Brazil answered by 11% of arrivals from South America Costa Rica in 2012, with an increase of 4.3% over 2011.

Continue to grow in that and other emerging markets such as Russia and China is one of the objectives in the promotion and tourism strategy of Costa Rica closed 2012 with 2.1 million foreign visitors and revenues by more than two billion dollars.

Not long ago, and as part of efforts to stimulate arrivals, the ICT reported that, together with representations from the private sector, expected attend 26 international tourism fairs in the period between September 2013 and April 2014, a plan that started in the 41ra tourism fair of the Americas, organized by the ABAV (Brazilian Association of travel agencies) in São Paulo.

Viviana Rudín Castro, responsible for international fairs of the Costa Rican Institute of tourism in Costa Rica said in an interview with Caribbean News Digital on the importance that Brazil is taking for the promotion of tourism and investment in Costa Rica.

Rudin said that Brazil is a market that has had significant growth in the last three years. In 2012 we received unos15 thousand Brazilian tourists, and for the period January-September, 2013 is expected a growth of 7.6% on 2012, therefore the country has with different connections of flight for example with Copa through Panama, from the cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, and through TACA from São Paulo and Rioa route through Bogota and another by Lima.

The country has managed to attract the Brazilian public, through unique attractions, for example those who practice surfing, and it has been diversified by reaching new segments: family, luxury travel and exotic, and so the country is making concrete actions such as cooperative campaigns with important partners, training travel agents for improving knowledge and market sales.

Rudin added that in Latin America the priority markets of Costa Rica are Mexico, Argentina and Brazil; in Europe, the list includes Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany (which has had a very important rebound last year) and Spain, that in spite of the crisis has remained constant and growing for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica also boasts two new markets at the level of international events, these are Russia and China.

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  •  Brazil is a tourist market of growing importance for Costa Rica • tourism in Costa Rica investment in Costa Rica. Brazilian tourism in Costa Rica. brazil